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Elena Salgado, BSc. PharmD RPh CDE


Dr. Elena Salgado is a compassionate clinical pharmacist with a strong commitment to advancing healthcare equity and access. In her role as a Clinical Pharmacist at LMC Healthcare & LMC Pharmacy in London, she specializes in providing comprehensive diabetes care to a diverse range of patients. She previously provided diabetes care for patients at the Victoria Family Medical Centre.


Additionally, Dr. Salgado holds the position of Regional Clinical Coordinator for fourth-year Patient Care Rotations at Waterloo's School of Pharmacy, located in the London/Rural Region. In this role, she plays a crucial part in shaping the next generation of pharmacists, guiding them through their clinical rotations and instilling a deep sense of patient-centred care.


Dr. Salgado is actively involved with the Ontario College of Pharmacists' Registrant Reference Group (RRG) for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). This group has made it a top priority to promote reconciliation efforts and strive for an equitable approach to pharmacy practice, particularly in the context of Indigenous communities. They are also on the Board of Directors for TransCare+ ( and were invited to join Ontario Health's Quality Standard Advisory Committee for Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender and Nonbinary People.  

They Identify as genderfluid and queer, and other intersectional identities (person of colour, living with chronic pain/disability) with a lived experience navigating healthcare and pharmacy realms. Dr. Salgado is passionate about serving disadvantaged groups and utilizing their privilege to generate change

In Elena's free time, she spends time being a part of the Upper Voice in Pride Chorus, being a digital media creator, and a senior dog rescue dog parent


Elena Salgado, BSc. PharmD RPh CDE
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