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Zoe Beecham


Zoe Beecham is a lifelong trans activist hailing from the small town of Toronto, Canada. At York University, she pioneered a LGBTQ+ inclusivity program for incoming students while double majoring in Gender Studies and Visual Arts, with a research focus in biblical feminism.

After University, she worked with Sherbourne Health Centre to modernize and run "Gender Journeys", a step by step program to explore and answer questions about Gender Dysphoria and Transition. This program ran many well-received 10 week sessions through the ARCH facility in Guelph. At the same time, she worked as a one on one support worker for trans folks of all ages.

At home, Zoe is a big time gamer, anime fan, movie lover and foodie. She works in accounting and is supported by her loving Wife.

Zoe Beecham
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